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When Robert and Ann Laitman's son Daniel was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia just before his 16th birthday, they thought that, as physicians, they would be able to negotiate the psychiatric healthcare maze easier than most families. They were told early on that the medication clozapine would be Daniel's best chance at living a normal life, but found it was prescribed in very few cases. There was also a lack of comprehensive information on how to mitigate any side effects and how to use the medication to get the best outcome. ~ This book is Dr. Opler's story of the development of clozapine, why it became to be regarded by much of the psychiatric community as a medication of last resort, and why that should no longer be the case. You will also read the story of Daniel's recovery both from his perspective and that of his parents. Finally  learn how to help your practitioner  use clozapine optimally to help the journey toward living a fulfilled life after the diagnosis of schizophrenia or a serious mental illness.

Edition IV incorporates Dr. Robert Laitman's new data to reflect the latest results of treatment for 100 patients over the last 10 years. Also included is a new chapter "The Moon Shot" which discusses adding fluvoxamine to the clozapine regimen. This book is dedicated to Dr. Lewis A. Opler who passed away on April 12, 2018. His contribution to this book and his lifelong study of mental health provides an invaluable resource. 

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