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Daniel Laitman, Dr. Ann Mandel Laitman, Dr. Robert Laitman


Team Daniel, a 501(c)3, was formed to advocate for and support people living with mental illness. We organize events to bring families and friends together for social support and exercise. We help families negotiate the healthcare system to find the best treatments available to them. We donate to organizations that serve and support the community living with mental illness.

GIVING: When you support us you are supporting many organizations that treat, advocate for and help people living with serious mental illness. Team Daniel has raised over $400,000 for organizations including:

  • Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

  • NAMI Westchester

  • NAMI New York State

  • The Mental Health Association of Westchester

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

  • The Youth Mental Health Project and Treatment Advocacy Center


GATHERING & ZOOM:  Twice a month on Saturdays, Ann and I host in our home, patients and families with mental illness for a morning of exercise, support, friendship, food, and the socialization that is so important for us all. When we are not hanging out at home...Zoom has become our virtual hug. Patients and families gather from across America for advice on healthcare, treatment and much needed comfort.


BOOK: Our book, CLOZAPINE Meaningful Recovery from Serious Mental Illness and Schizophrenia, was self-published in 2016 to tell our story and give hope to everyone who lives with or loves someone with serious mental illness. Available on Amazon, over 5000 books have been sold and distributed across America. The sales are invested into Team Daniel. We are currently working on the next edition.


LECTURES: With an ever increasing audience, there are many invitations to lectures, panel discussions and Grand Rounds at hospitals, institutions and charities. Unfortunately, travel expenses and event fees are very rarely awarded. 

KNOW NOW EMAIL: My latest reads via Mailchimp: COVID related; scientific studies; news stories; podcasts; facebook shares; blog posts and MORE. Sent weekly - so that we are cutting edge current with all Mental Illness & COVID issues. Families from, Europe, Canada, South Africa and across the United States are on the list serve.

FILM: INTO THE LIGHT Meaningful Recovery From Psychosis, a 60 minute documentary about Psychosis, Clozapine and Support, is being created by a small TD crew and will be completed in 2024.


Please help us achieve our goal, to help whomever, however we can. 

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