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Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Laitman, President

Dr. Ann Mandel Laitman, Secretary

Tami Cohen

Domenica Comfort

Stamatia Pappas

Team Daniel founded in 2011 by the Laitman Family

Friends of Team Daniel

MaryAnn Baiyor, NY ~ MailChimp

Karen Bresolin, NY ~ Book, MailChimp, Website, Film

Angela Brisbin, MO ~ Facebook, Film

Jane Dworkin, NY ~ Zoom

Bill Neiman, NY ~ Book 5th Edition

Rachel Streiff, AZ ~ Data collection, Research, Zoom

Donna Lynn Taylor, MSN, RN; NY ~ LinkedIn

How did we get here?

"We decided we could not accept the status quo.

It just was not fair that so many people suffer and

that so much learned hopelessness prevailed."

Dr. Robert Laitman

When Robert Laitman and Ann Mandel Laitman's son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 15, they worked their way through the maze of psychiatric treatment to get Daniel the best treatment available for his disease. When they found out that fewer than 2% of people with schizophrenia in the U.S. get this life saving medication they decided to find out why and to change the way this disease of the brain is treated.

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