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TEAM DANIEL has become an incredible resource for so many from across America and even the world. Whether it is discussions on our Facebook page: TEAM DANIEL and the Clozapine Community, or the ZOOM forums on Saturdays - we have found a place where we no longer have to hide the day to day trials that we all endure as someone with SMI or as a caregiver. We all arrived here because we felt there was nowhere else to go. Our stories are precious and can also give great solace to others that are finding their way. There is a whole world of hurt, loneliness and anger that can begin healing with a shared story, a hug, virtual or real.
With this in mind, TEAM DANIEL is welcoming you to share your story. A MAXIMUM OF 2500 WORDS, it can be a written snapshot of one's life or can cover any myriad of aspects of living with mental illness. We will review for basic editing. PLEASE SEND TO:
Our very own Angela Brisbin will begin our new endeavor with her story "A Beacon In the Darkness". Only a part of her travails, it intently captures what so many of us have lived through.
Thank you for sharing.

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